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The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre

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Nancy Doyle, Artist
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Art Instruction:

Art Instruction

Drawing I: Contour

Drawing II: Mass

Drawing III: Gesture

Drawing IV: Mechanics

Figure Drawing Lesson

Perspective for Artists

Charcoal Lesson

Painting I: Stretch Canvas

Painting II: Materials

Painting III: Still Life

Painting IV: Possibilities

Painting V: Color Mixing

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Christo & Jeanne-Claude
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Immigrant Photos

Photos of the Jeanie Johnston

Ireland XO Genealogy
Irish/Celtic Culture:

Irish Culture

Irish Traditional Music

Celtic Music I: Seven Nations

Celtic Music II: Old Blind Dogs

Celtic Music III: Glengarry Bhoys and Wicked Tinkers

Celtic Music IV: Brenga Astur
 and Brother

Celtic Music V: Battlefield Band and The Brigadoons

Celtic Music VI: Little Johnny England

CD Review

Celtic Music VII: Tornaod

Celtic Music VIII: Jerry O'Sullivan

Celtic Music IX: Sean Tyrrell

Celtic Poems and Prayers

Contemporary Celtic Images

Irish Language Greeting Cards

Clan na Gael Reunion Tour

 Delaware Valley Traditional Music

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Irish/Celtic Culture
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Art History and Appreciation:

Art Appreciation

Modern Art Movements

Notes on Art-Making

Notes on Art-Making II

Getting Discouraged

Glossary of Art Terms

What Is Art About?

The Correct Way to Make Art 
Vitali Komarovimpressionist art inspired by Van Gogh

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McDougall Fine Art Galleries - American Impressionist Painters
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Jack Armstrong: Short Fiction

Don James: Poetry

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Pastel Lesson

Design I: Meaning

Design II: History

Design III: Guidelines

Design IV: Elements

Design V: Principles

Design VI: Sources

Self-Critique of My Work

Evolution of a Painting


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