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Brenga Astur is a band from the celtic region of Spain known as Asturies. They are a 10-member group, with two Asturian pipers, bouzouki, bodhran, flute, electric and acoustic guitar, accordion, mandolin, drums, keyboard, vocals and more. They are a really hard group to describe - beautiful, captivating melodies; hypnotic rhythms; celtic music with a Spanish influence. Eminently danceable tunes, and evocative songs with a female vocalist.
From left: Pachu Cuesta (bouzouki), Fernando Diaz (Asturian pipes); unnamed female vocalist (bodhran); Javier Monteagudo (acoustic guitar/mandolin); Fernando Montes (Asturian pipes); unnamed flutist; Xabel Gonzalez (accordions); Francisco Calero (bass guitar). Other members: Tito Ruano (drums); Marta Arbas (vocals); other members not present listed on album.
The instrumentation is elaborate, and the joy they feel in the music is very evident.
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The celtic rock band, Brother, is a different story - lots of raw power and attitude - originally two brothers, Hamish and Angus Richardson from Australia. The lineup has changed over the years, but there are always Highland bagpipes and didgeridoo. Drew Reid now plays the didgeridoo. I think guitarist Rick Kurek, from Chicago, has left the group. They write their own songs, and perform the vocals. They are also hard to describe - you just have to be there! See tour dates
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