The Battlefield Band is a very popular Scottish traditional group, who have been around for about 30 years. They are sort-of the Chieftains of Scotland; they are very approachable, and audiences love their commitment and energy. See tour dates.
Their membership has changed often during this time. The current lineup is Alan Reid (keyboards/guitar/vocals), Mike Katz (Highland pipes/small pipes/vocals), Alasdair White (fiddle/whistle/banjo/bazouki/Highland and small pipes/bodhran), and Pat Kilbride (vocals/guitar/cittern), the only Irish member of the band.
Above: Pat Kilbride
Above right: Alan Reid
Right: Alisdair White and Mike Katz
The Brigadoons hail from Glengarry County, Ontario, Canada, and play Scottish traditional music, plus some traditional Canadian and Irish music. The County of Glengarry has held closely to its Scottish roots, and also is the home of celtic bands The Glengarry Bhoys and Hadrian's Wall. The Brigadoons also have been playing for many years, and tour the United States and Canada for festivals and highland gatherings.
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Current members of The Brigadoons are Rob Taylor (button-key accordion), Denis Carr (lead vocalist/bodhran player), Jackie Smith (vocalist and bass player), Luane Doyle (vocalist and guitar player), and Bonita Leblanc (fiddle player and step dancer) (Bonita is of Cape Breton heritage.)
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