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Nancy Doyle
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Original  Photography
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   of Celtic Rock Band
        Seven Nations
This is my Seven Nations fan page. Seven Nations is a celtic rock group of five. For those who follow the band, these pics are way out of date, as the lineup has changed. I'm hoping to see 7N in February 2013 and get some new pics! Anyway, they are a great band.
These photos are from February 2004, at the Scottish & Irish Music Festival at King of Prussia, PA.

At left: I finally got a picture of Crisco, who is seen here with Scott and Dan, doing some primitive celtic drumming, fiddling and piping.

Below: Kirk and Scott dueling bagpipes.
Above: Struby on bass guitar, Dan on fiddle, and Kirk on guitar - this was an unplugged session in the afternoon.
See the Clan na Gael Reunion Tour 2005
The above 7N pics were sent to me by Toni Hammerbeck, and she gave me permission to post them on my page. The top row are the five 7N members (left to right): Kirk McLeod, Scott Long, Dan Stacey, Struby, and Crisco. On the bottom row are piper Will and the fiddler (we can't remember his name - sorry!)
This is a computer image that I made of Seven Nations back when it was Kirk, Struby, Scott, Dan and Ashton. They are "under the milky way."