Charcoal Drawing Lesson
Nancy Doyle
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The drawing medium of charcoal is probably the most ancient - it was first used (as ashes from a fire) on cave walls many thousands of years ago to make pictures of animals and hunters. This lesson gives a history of the charcoal medium, techniques, detailed descriptions of types of charcoal and the materials used with charcoal, many illustrations, technical and expressive possibilities, and web links to charcoal drawings done by major artists through the ages.

The illustrations of charcoal drawings are done by myself, a professional artist, with tips and examples of different techniques shown, and close-up views showing cross-hatching, use of kneaded eraser, chamois cloth and fingers, and other techniques used with soft and compressed charcoal, as well as charcoal pencil. (See my qualifications as a teacher)

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This Charcoal Drawing lesson is the first of a new series of fee-based web courses I am creating for my website. Others include Figure Drawing, Perspective for Artist, Painting: Possibilities, two new Design lessons and Color Mixing. Future fee-based lessons include Impressionist Landscape Painting, Color Theory, Space in Visual Art, Portraits, Tonal Values, and many more to come. These courses will be available individually for a small fee, and are a good way to support the many free courses on my site, if you enjoy them (and the many more future courses). 

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