Clan na Gael is the name of the celtic rock group that was the beginning of Seven Nations, one of the most popular celtic rock groups in the United States: Struby, Kirk McLeod, Neil Anderson, and Nick Watson.
Clan na Gael reunited for a concert tour in the northeast U.S. in October and November 2005 - for a concert on October 15th at The Egg, Albany, NY; on October 16th at the Keswick Theatre, Glenside, PA; and for two shows on November 6th at the Newberry Opera House in Newberry, SC. These shots were taken in Glenside.
For those who saw the early 7N, there was a great reunion treat. For those who saw 7N later, this is how it all started. For those who'd never seen either, it was a great experience.
To see Neil Anderson on the pipes, Kirk McLeod singing and playing guitar and keyboards (no pipes this time), Nick on the drums, and Struby on guitar separately is amazing. To see them all together  was beyond amazing.
Clan na Gael Reunion Tour 2005
Left to right: Kirk, Victor guesting on fiddle, Neil
Kirk on guitar, Neil playing the uilleann pipe (the Irish bagpipe played using the elbow)
Struby on guitar, Nick on drums, Kirk on guitar and vocal
Kirk, Victor, Neil on highland bagpipe
Scottish dancers with Struby in the background (I think Neil's wife Victoria is on the left)
What a great shot of Neil! Too bad it's out of focus...