The Glengarry Bhoys are from Canada - a musical mix of Scots, Irish and a little French. Their music is based on traditional celtic sounds, with a rock edge. The lead singer, Graham Wright, plays acoustic guitar and has a wonderfully expressive, passionate voice. (Recently, the lineup has changed; James (highland bagpipe and whistle), Shelley (fiddle), Nigel (Gibby) (bass guitar), and drummer Steph are no longer with the Glengarry Bhoys. They formed a new band called Greenwich Meantime.) From visiting the GB website, I'm not sure who the new members are. So these pictures are past tense - when I next see GB I will have new photos and info!
The Wicked Tinkers are California-based - and hard to describe! Some of the words that come to mind are: forceful, not pretty, raw, ancient, powerful, rough around the edges, primitive, tribal (these are their own words). The music is Scots and celtic bagpipe and drums, with didgeridoo and bronze-age celtic horn, played with wild vitality, infectious exuberance and passion. Aaron Shaw plays the highland bagpipe, and says the pipes can express sorrow, longing, exuberance, and even the bloodlust of battle. Warren Casey plays drums with passion and strength. Keith Jones also plays drums, with infectious energy. Wayne Belger has left the band; he played the didgeridoo, bodhran and bronze-age celtic horn. The band will have guest artists until they find a permanent replacement for him. They express their roots with great good humor, saying that they combine "the grace and elegance of the Flintstones with the magnanimous power of the old Roman Empire." Check them out - they are wild!
(These photos were taken many years ago - please see their website for latest personnel changes)
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Here Wayne (left above) plays the bronze-age celtic horn.
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These photos were taken at the Scottish & Irish Music Festival in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania in February 2004. 
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