Perspective Lesson for Artists
Artists use the methods of atmospheric and linear perspective to create the illusion of spatial depth in their drawings and paintings. For those artists who wish to represent the visible world in their work, these tools are valuable ones. Perspective is also a good thing for an artist to learn, even if their work is not concerned with realistic representation, for it teaches students about the element of space in two-dimensional art.

Linear perspective was a mathematical system developed during the Renaissance, initially by an architect and engineer named Brunelleschi. The system, as it was developed and perfected, was soon utilized by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Piero della Francesca, to add a naturalistic conviction to their paintings, and to direct the viewer's eye toward the most important area of the painting (the focal point). It has been in use until today, although around 1850, artists began to be less concerned with creating the illusion of spatial depth in their paintings.
As it is a mathematical theory, linear perspective is sometimes presented with a technical approach, with formulas and the language of geometry. However, the use of perspective by artists is usually not in this technical manner. This online Perspective Lesson is geared toward how artists usually use perspective, not architects or engineers. There are 19 illustrations: simple diagrams illustrating 1-, 2- and 3-point linear perspective, and photographs and paintings illustrating the concepts discussed, as well as many links to the works of well-known artists as examples. The lesson is written in everyday, non-technical language. The concept of atmospheric perspective is also described and illustrated, as are the subject areas of perspective in still life, the human figure and landscapes, including foreshortening and viewing circles and cubes in perspective. The other spatial cues that artists use to indicate depth are also described in the lesson. (See my teaching qualifications) A printed version of this lesson is now available.
This is the third in my new series of fee-based courses for this site; the others are Charcoal Lesson, Figure Drawing, Painting: Possibilities, Design: Principles and Design: Sources. These new lessons are intended to help support the many other free lessons on my site (four drawing, four painting, and four design, plus many more). If you enjoy the site, this is a way to help keep it growing, with more free and fee-based lessons. 
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