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Portrait Order:

To place an order for a portrait drawing, click on the appropriate Add to Cart button, then on the View Cart button  (if you are located outside of the United States, see International Orders), and send your family  photograph(s) to me. I will complete the portrait according to your preferences chosen below. If you live within 30 miles of Wilmington, Delaware, I can arrange to pick up your photographs and deliver your finished portrait, free of charge. (Just e-mail me to alert me.) You can:  send the original photograph to: Nancy Doyle, 120 Jenners Pond Rd., Apt. 3314, West Grove, PA 19390. (I recommend sending by first-class mail in a padded or unbendable envelope, and/or sandwiched between cardboard). Please remember to put your name and address with your photographs.
When I complete the drawing, I will e-mail a copy to you, for your approval. When the portrait is approved, I will hand deliver or ship the portrait (and your photo, if you mailed it to me) to you, within 3 weeks of my getting your photograph. Because the transaction is through PayPal, it is secure. To order a portrait, click on the appropriate Add to Cart button on the Ancestor Portraits page, then fill out the form below to specify your choices of paper color, drawing shape (oval or rectangle), and exact size desired. Your order will be processed by PayPal, which guarantees that seller and buyer experience a safe and secure transaction. The Customer Service phone number for Nancy Doyle Fine Art is 610-470-7089. Those outside the U.S.A., please see International Order Information.
Portrait Prices:

  For portraits up to 5" x 7" (Miniature)            $75.00  
  From 5" x 7" to 8-1/2 x 11" (Small)               $110.00
  From 9" x 12" to 14" x 17" (Medium)            $175.00
  From 15" x 18" to 18" x 24" (Large)              $225.00

All prices include shipping charges.
Portrait Size Desired:
Miniature (Up to 5" x 7")
$75.00 incl. shipping/handling

Small (6" x  8" to 8-1/2" x 11")
$110.00 incl. shipping/handling

Medium (9" x 12" to 14" x 17")
$175.00 incl. shipping/handling

Large (15" x 18" to 18" x  24")
$225.00 incl. shipping/handling
Portrait Shape Desired:
Color of Paper Desired:
Acid-free paper
Special Instructions/Information: Please list any special instructions or any pertinent information regarding the people in the photograph, such as national/ethnic identity, geographical home, historical timeframe or circumstances, or other instructions in the box below, then click on the Submit button to send your preferences to me.
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Ordering a Family Photo Collage:

Click on the Add to Cart button at Family Photo Collage to order a 8-1/2"x11", 11" x 14" or 13" x 19" photo collage, then on the View Cart button. (Those outside the United States, see International Order Information.) You can send original photos to: Nancy Doyle, 120 Jenners Pond Rd., #3314, West Grove, PA 19390. I will scan your original photos, retouch the digital images if necessary, and return your originals to you with the completed photocollage. To choose black-and-white, color or sepia-tones, enter it into the Special Instructions box above, or in the Notes box during the PayPal Order process. Any other special information or instructions can also be entered in the Notes box.
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International Order Information:

Those living outside of the United States (including those who live in countries not accepted by PayPal) may order an ancestor portrait by sending their photograph(s) to Nancy Doyle, 120 Jenners Pond Rd., #3314, West Grove, PA, 19390, USA, along with a check for the appropriate amount for the size desired. This can be an American Express gift or travelers check, made out to Nancy Doyle. Please also list your name and shipping address, as well as your preferences for size, shape desired, and color of paper desired, and any special instructions you may have regarding your portrait. I will create the portrait, then e-mail you a copy for your approval. When the portrait has been approved, I will ship it to you, along with your original photographs. If you wish to order copies of your portrait, please also state the number and size of copies desired.
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