International Ordering Information for
Ancestor Portraits and Family Photo Collages
Nancy Doyle
   Fine Art
Buyers outside the United States can order by sending an American Express gift or travelers check in the amount of the item they wish to purchase, made out to Nancy Doyle. Please specify if you are ordering a Miniature, Small, Medium or Large Ancestor Portrait, and please select your preferences of paper color and shape. Please also include your name, e-mail address, and shipping address. If you are ordering a Family Photo Collage, please specify number of Family Photo Collage pages desired, and whether you would like black-and-white, color or sepia-toned images. Shipping and handling charges are included in the price of each item. Please send your check and information to: Nancy Doyle, 120 Jenners Pond Rd., Apt. 3314, West Grove, PA, U.S.A., along with any original photos if necessary. When I receive your check, I will ship your purchased item to you. You can also send photos by e-mail attachment as JPG images to, and send your check separately, if you wish. Finished portraits will be e-mailed to you for your approval, before being shipped to you. Completed portraits should arrive within 4 weeks of my receipt of your photos; your original photos will also be returned to you at this time.  Your Family Photo Collage can be expected within 3 weeks of my receipt of your images, and your original photos will be returned to you at that time.
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