Nancy Doyle
   Fine Art
If you send your family photo to me, you will receive a finished pencil portrait, usually within a few weeks.  I am a professional fine artist with many years of experience. Portraits are customized for each client, based on their preferences.

A photo of your finished portrait is emailed to you for your suggestions and final approval. Please see below for prices and details, and please e-mail me if you have any questions.
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To order a portrait, please click on one of the Add to Cart buttons below, and then click on the View Cart button to complete your order. Please also click on the Submit button below to send me your paper color and special info. You can send your photo(s) to me at the following address: Nancy Doyle, 120 Jenners Pond Rd., Apt. 3314, West Grove, PA 19390. I will send your photo back to you with your finished portrait. (I can also accept e-mailed photos, however print photos provide the most clear image.)
Miniature Portrait (up to 9" x 12")  -  $105.00
Please select color of paper desired:
Please select size of portrait desired  (NOTE: Prices include shipping charges)
Medium Portrait (from 10" x 13" to 14" x 17")  -  $150.00
Large Portrait (from from 15" x 18" to 18" x 24")  -  $225.00
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