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Tracy Short is a sculptor who lives in rural Massachusetts, and who feels a kinship with animals. She has two Newfoundland dogs, whom she has sculpted in wood and stone, as she has done with the many animals she's come in contact with on the farm.

On this page are also shown four sculptures of cats - one wood, one of serpentine, and two carved from soapstone. Her sculptures are in the animals' characteristic poses, and express the animals' spirit in their details and their empathy. 
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  More of Tracy's   Animal Sculptures
Newfoundland dog carved from wood.
Tracy says this is one she carved from a wild cherry branch in her wood pile one night - he's a cat with an attitude.
Tracy says, "This is my favorite one, he has blue topaz eyes and is made out of my favorite stone called Brazilian soapstone. I'm not sure why I like him, I think it might be because of his toes."
This cat is carved out of verdite stone, and its form is simplified, like a Brancusi sculpture.
This cat was carved in serpentine stone, and has a more abstracted form.
Tracy's Digital Art
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