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Tracy Short grew up in Massachusetts, and lives in a log house that she built on a hill, where her family raised sheep and pigs. Her house is surrounded by water gardens and trees she planted, creating her own little world. 
This is a snowy owl with emerald eyes, carved from soapstone.
In her stone and wood carving, Tracy tries to show the spirit of the animals. She says:

"As far as my art and what it means to me - I do it because it feels good. It's the place I go to when I need to figure out what is going on in my spinning mind.

"I was given a soapstone carving kit as a gift on my 30th birthday, that started my love for carving. Each piece starts out as a vague image in my mind and I don't really know how it will turn out. I have tried doing specific ideas, but I end up feeling like I'm wrestling an alligator. I don't try to fight with it now, I just go with whatever feels right."
Whale - This is one of my favorite stones to work with, called serpentine. I made this one for my father, who loves whales. It is 14 inches tall, and is a whale breaching.
Iguana - I had a pet iguana for years, they're amazing. It seems like they didn't evolve very much, kind of Jurassic-looking. Carved from soapstone.
Frog - This guy is a tad grumpy; he has opal eyes. Carved from soapstone.
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Mouse - He has emerald eyes; I imagine a mouse might feel vulnerable. Carved from soapstone.
Fish - This fish is of pink soapstone; it's not the same as the Texas pink, it's much nicer to work with. He looks fairly satisfied being a fish.
Goose - This goose is sleeping; I made him thinking of my pet goose. Carved from soapstone.
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