Nancy Doyle Fine Art
This is an original pastel, Peaches and Shell. The image of four peaches placed horizontally just popped into my head one day; nothing supernatural about it - after painting for a long time, this will happen. Then, to keep it from being dull and symmetrical, I added a shell. To me, this is almost a minimalist image - four identical forms (spheres) placed horizontally. The color and careful shading make it more personal, though - they have the soft fuzziness and sensuality of peaches. Pastel has been used here in a more traditional fashion (careful modeling), not the way Degas or Redon would have used the medium. The pastel is framed without a matte, and with a double frame of one pale pink, and one natural-pink rounded wooded frame. The image itself is small - about 8 inches by 18 inches.