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                          Ancient Irish History 

Ancient Ireland
Ancient World of the Celts
Antiquities of the Irish Countryside
Archaelogy of Medieval Ireland
Boadicea: Warrior Queen of the Celts
Boudicca's Revolt
Celtic Britain     
Celtic Britain: Britain Before the Conquest
Celtic Christianity
Celtic Inheritance
Celtic Monasticism: Modern Traveler to Early Irish Church
Celts, The
Celts, The
Celts, The
Celts: People Who Came Out of Darkness
Druids, The
Early Christian Ireland
Early Ireland: Introduction to Irish Prehistory
In Search of Ancient Ireland
Irish Prehistory: Introduction
Medieval Ireland
Mizen Journals (Archaeology and History)
Modern Traveller to the Early Irish Church
National Monuments in the Republic of Ireland,
  Guide to the
Past Perceptions (archaeology)
Picts, The
Story of the Irish Race
Wood Quay
World of the Druids
                                 Irish Life

Aerofilms: Ireland From the Air
Christmas in Ireland
Heartbeat of Irish Music
In Ireland Long Ago
In Search of Ireland
Ireland, a Terrible Beauty
Ireland of the Welcomes
Ireland Yesterday
Irish Dance
Irish in America, The
Irish Mystique
Land and People of Ireland, The
Lough Corrib
Of Irish Ways
Old Days, Old Ways
So You Think You're Irish

                                     Art and Crafts

Book of Kells
Celtic Cross Stitch
Ireland's Traditional Crafts
Irish Erotic Art
Irish Shrines & Reliquaries of Middle Ages
Treasures of Early Irish Art
Work of Angles: Masterpieces of Celtic
  Metalwork 6th-9th Cent.       
Zoomorphic Penannular Brooches
                       Biographies, Memoirs

Ah, Those Irish Colleens!
All Creatures Great and Small
An Only Child
Angela's Ashes
Big Fellow, The (Michael Collins)
Borstal Boy
Civil War Cavalryman
Coast of West Cork, The
Country Days
Dark Secret of Bealnablath, The
Dog Stories
Dublin Girl
Eamon de Valera
Eugene O'Neill
Farm by Lough Gur, The
Harp That Once  (Thomas Moore)
Henry Grattan and His Times
In the Name of the Father
Irish Journal
Islandman, The
It's a Long Way From Penny Apples
It's a Terrible Day... Thanks Be to God

Jail Journal
James Connolly
James Craig
James Herriot's Yorkshire
James Joyce Letters
Joyce We Knew, The
King of the Beggars (Daniel O'Connell)
Lovely is the Lee
Luck of the Irish
Man of the House
Maud Gonne
Maureen O'Hara
Memories of a Catholic Girlhood
Michael Collins, Illustrated Life
Monk Swimming, A
My Brother's Keeper
My Father's Son
My Life in the Irish Brigade
Nora (Mrs. James Joyce)
O Come Ye Back to Ireland
Past Forward
Pictures in the Hallway
Price Of My Soul
Prodigal Father  (John Butler Yeats)
Purple Shamrock, The  (Mayor James Curley
   of Boston)

Across the River
Bard: Odyssey of the Irish
Bog Warriors
Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, The
Celtic Riddle
Charming Billy
Chisellers, The
Circle of Friends
Circus Animals, The
Collected Stories
Copper Beech, The
Cornet Player Who Betrayed Ireland
Dark, The
Death in Ireland
Down the Bath Rocks
Evening Class
Farewell Companions
Finest Stories
Forty-Four Irish Short Stories
Glass Lake, The
God Made Sunday
Granny, The
Green Years; Shannon's Way
Guests of the Nation
Heart of the Sea
I Am of Irelaunde
Informer, The
Irish Genius, The
Irish Lace
Irish Mist
Irish Stories and Tales
Irish Stories for Christmas
Jewels of the Sun
Last Catholic in America
Last Prince of Ireland
Letters of a Country Postman
Liam O'Flaherty's Short Stories
Light a Penny Candle
Lilac Bus, The
                                Folklore, Myth

Big Little Book of Irish Wit and Wisdom
Book of Saints and Wonders, A
Celtic Fairy Tales
Celtic Heritage
Celtic Myth in English Literature
Celtic Myths and Legends
Celtic Myths and Legends
Celtic Twilight, The
Fairy and Folk Tales of Ireland
Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, The
Folktales of the Irish Countryside
Hiberrnian Nights
Irish Cures, Mystic Charms, Superstitions
Irish Fairy History
Irish Folk Tales
Irish Folk Tales`
Irish Folk Wisdom
Irish Myth, Legend, Folklore
Irish Myths and Legends
Irish Wonders
Little Book of Irish Sayings
Mythic Ireland
Myths and Folklore of Ireland
Proverbs and Sayings of Ireland

Anthology of Catholic Poets
Brazen Serpent
Breathing Spaces
Collected Poems
Irish Ballads
Irish Poetry of Faith and Doubt
Kings, Lords and Commons
Land of the Poets, Ireland
One Thousand Years of Irish Poetry
Parchment Boat
Second Voyage, The
Story of Anglo-Irish Poetry
True North
Younger Irish Poets

Book of Blarney
Home Book of Irish Humor
Laugh With the Children of Ireland
Pack Up Your Troubles  (cartoons)
Poor Mouth, The
Profane Book of Irish Comedy
Third Policeman, The
Treasury of Irish Folklore and Humor


Black Potatoes
Dear America: So Far From Home
Flame Over Tara
Irish Tales and Sagas
Leprechaun Tales
Tales and Songs of Ireland
Under the Hawthorn Tree

Constable, Nick
Ellis, Peter
O Riordain, Sean
Barry, T.B.
Matthews, John
Andrews, Ian
Chadwick, Nora
Laing, Lloyd
Joyce, Timothy
Ellis, Peter B
Hughes and Hamlin
Powell, T.G.E.
Norton-Taylor, David
Chadwick, Nora
Herm, Gerhard
Piggott, Stuart
DePaor, Maire and Liam
O'Kelly, Michael
McCaffrey, Carmel and Eaton, Leo
Brindley, Ann
Richter, Michael

Hughes, Kathleen
Harbison, Peter

Shee Twohig, Elizabeth, ed.
Ritchie, Anna
MacManus, Seumas
Heffernan, Thomas
Green, Miranda
Coffey, Thomas
Nicholson, Asenath
Nicholson, Asenath
Edwards, Ruth D                                
Canning, W.J.
J. Joyce, P. Murtagh
Kee, Robert
Egan, Bowles and McCormack, Vincent
Curtis, Liz
Doherty and Hickey
O'Brien, Maire and Conor Cruise
Lyons, F.S.L.
Beecher, Sean
Ryan, Meda
Heyck, Thomas
Irish-American Cultural Institute
Ellis, Peter Beresford
Laxton, Edward
Rees, Jim
Hughes, Robert
Franks, Robert Scott
MacKay, Donald
Hahn, Emily
Woodham-Smith, Cecil
Kehoe, A.M.
Broderick, Mary
Nolan, A.M.
McCourt, Malachy
Mitchel, John
Bradley, Ann K
Davies, John
Cahill, Thomas
Stephens, James
Winstanley, Michael
Lyons, F.S.L.
Nevin, Pat
Younger, Calton
Griffith, Kenneth and O'Grady, Timothy
Greeley, Andrew
Coogan, Tim and Morrison, George
Litton, Helen
McCaffrey, Lawrence
Nevin, Vera
Gray, Peter
Litton, Helen
Holmes, David
Neill, Kenneth
Kiely, Benedict
World Book
Robinson, Tim
McNamara, Woods
Danaher, Kevin
Morton, H.V.
Sullivan, Jonah
Uris, Leon and Jill
Kelleher, D.L.
Gorham, Maurice
Flynn, Arthur
Coffey, Michael, ed., Golway, Terry, text
Caulfield, Max
O'Brien, Elinor
DeBreffney, Brian, ed.
Delaney, Mary
Sharkey, Olive
Kelleher, Margaret

Brown, Peter
Lawther, Gail
Shaw-Smith, David
O'Gallagher, Seamus
O'Foinn, Raghnall
Cone, Polly, ed.
Youngs, Susan, ed.

Kilbride-Jones, Howard
Folsom, Helen Walsh
Herriot, James
O'Connor, Frank
McCourt, Frank
O'Connor, Frank
Behan, Brendan
Somerville-Large, Peter
Reardon, John T.
Somerville-Large, Peter
Taylor, Alice
Twohig, Patrick
Herriot, James
Crowley, Elaine
Longford, Earl of
Carpenter, Frederic
Carbery, Mary
Jones, Howard
Gwynn, Stephen
Conlon, Gerry
Boll, Heinrich
O'Crohan, Tomas
Cullen, Bill
Doyle, Fr. Michael, Sacred Heart of
 Camden Church
Mitchel, John
Edwards, Ruth
Buckland, Howard
Herriot, James
Ellman, Richard, ed.
O'Connor, Ulick, ed.
O'Faolain, Sean
Gibbings, Robert
Williams, Niall and Breen, Christine
O'Neill, Tip and Novak, William
Ward, Margaret
Nicoletti, John
McCarthy, Mary
Connolly, Colm
McCourt, Malachy
Joyce, Stanislaus
O'Connor, Frank
O'Brien, Kevin
Maddox, Brenda
Williams, Niall and Breen, Christine
Wlodarczyk, Maureen
O'Casey, Sean
Devlin, Bernadette
Murphy, William
Dinneen, Joseph
Taylor, Alice
Llywelyn, Morgan
McGinley, Patrick
Galvin, John
Howatch, Susan
Braun, Lillian
Hamilton, Lyn
McDermott, Alice
O'Carroll, Brendan
Binchy, Maeve
Plunkett, James
O'Connor, Frank
Binchy, Maeve
O'Connor, Frank
McGahern, John
Everett, Peter
Stephens, James
O'Connor, Patrick
Joyce, James
Binchy, Maeve
Binchy, Maeve
O'Flaherty, Liam
Plunkett, James
O'Faolain, Sean
Garrity, Devin, ed.
Binchy, Maeve
Macken, Walter
O'Carroll, Brendan
Cronin, A.J.
O'Connor, Frank
Roberts, Nora
Osborne-McKnight, J.
O'Flaherty, Liam
Delaney, Frank
Garrity, Devin, ed.
Greeley, Andrew
Greeley, Andrew
Garrity, Devin, ed.
Keane, John B
Roberts, Nora
Powers, John
Llywelyn, Morgan
Keane, John B
O'Flaherty, Liam
Binchy, Maeve
Binchy, Maeve
Fairon, Pat
Gregory, Lady
Jacobs, Joseph
Rees, Alwyn and Brinley
MacKiltop, James
Rolleston, T.W.
Squire, Charles
Yeats, William B    
Yeats, W.B., ed.
Evans-Wentz, W.Y.
Danaher, Kevin
MacManus, Seumas
Wilde, Lady
Stephens, James
Glassie, Henry
Glassie, Henry, ed.
O'Griofa, Mairtin
Yeats, William B, ed.
Neeson, Eoin
McAnally, Jr., D.R.
Appletree Press
Dames, Michael
Curtin, Jeremiah
Gaffney and Cashman, ed.
Kilmer/Tobin, James
NiChuillean, Eilean
Kennelly, Brendan
Yeats, William B
Gallagher, Barbara
Healy, James
Deane, John, ed.
O'Connor, Frank, translator
Lyons, David
Hoagland, Kathleen, ed.
Cannon, Moya
NiChuilleanain, Eilean
Power, Patrick
Johnston, Fred
Dawe, Gerald, ed.
Butler, Anthony
McCarthy, John
Roach, Hal
Turner, Martyn
O'Brien, Flann
Krause, David
O'Brien, Flann
Spalding, Henry

Bartoletti, Susan
Denenberg, Barry
Polland, Madeleine
O'Connor, Ulick
Carroll, Yvonne
Gandolfi, Claudine
Conlon-McKenna, M.
                          Irish History

Agony at Easter
Annals of the Famine in Ireland
Annals of Irish History
Atlas of Irish History
Ballyshannon, Belcoo, Betancourt
Blind Justice
Bold Fenian Men
Cause of Ireland
Chronology of Irish History Since 1500
Concise History of Ireland
Culture and Anarchy in Ireland
Day By Day - Cork History
Day Michael Collins Was Shot, The
Dimensions of British Radicalism
Eire - Ireland
Eyewitness to Irish History
Famine Ships, The
Farewell to Famine
Fatal Shore (Australia)
Fighting Bradys of the West Branch, The
Flight from Famine
Fractured Emerald: Ireland
Great Hunger, The
History Makers of 20th Century Ireland
History of Cobh
History of Ireland
History of Ireland
History of Ireland
History of the Irish in America
History of Wales
How the Irish Saved Civilization
Insurrection in Dublin, The
Ireland and the Land Question
Ireland Since the Famine
Ireland Where Time Stands Still
Ireland's Civil War
Ireland's Unfinished Revolution
Irish Americans, The
Irish Civil War, The
Irish Civil War, The
Irish Diaspora in America
Irish Dimension, An
Irish Famine, The
Irish Famine, The
Irish in Wisconsin
Irish People
                              Drama, Literature

Abbey Theatre - 1st 100 Years
After the Irish Renaissance (Critical History of Irish Drama)
Behind the Green Curtains
Celtic Miscellany
Colder Eye, A
Complete Plays
For the Love of Ireland
Genius of Irish Theater
Green Crow, The
Guide to the Quiet Man
Hidden Ireland
Large collection from Proscenium Press. Includes many
   modern plays, literary criticism, interviews, issues of 
   Journal of Irish Literature, and George Spelvin's
   Theatre Book
Long Day's Journey Into Night
Major Barbara
Masterpieces of Modern Irish Theatre
Nine Plays
On Irish Themes
Penguin Book of Irish Fiction
Portable James Joyce, The
QPB Book of Irish Literature
Selected Plays
Under Milk Wood
Unveiling Treasures
Vera of Las Vegas
Voices of Ireland
Fitz-Simon, Christopher
Hogan, Robert
O'Casey, Sean
Jackson, Kenneth
Kenner, Hugh
Synge, John M
Leonard, Hugh
Cahill, Susan, ed.
Barnet, Sylvan et. al.
O'Casey, Sean
MacHale, Des
Corkery, Daniel

O'Neill, Eugene
Shaw, George Bernard
Corrigan, Robert, ed.
O'Neill, Eugene
Farrell, James T
Toibin, Colm, ed.
Joyce: Harry Levin, notes
Kiernan, Kathy, ed.
Shaw, George Bernard
Thomas,, Dylan
Weekes, Ann Owens
Muldoon, Paul
McCourt, Malachy
Jordan, John

Adam Lyal's Witchery Tales
American Irish
Book of Ireland, A
Celtic Wisdom
Dictionary of Irish Quotations
Duffy's War
Everything Irish Book
Flowers of the Wayside
Galway Hookers, The (sailboats)
Geology and Scenery in Ireland
Ghosts in Irish Houses
Ghost Watchers Guide to Ireland
Heritage of Ireland
I Never Knew That About Ireland
Ireland: A Terrible Beauty
Ireland's Women
Ireland Through the Ages
Irish 100, The
Irish, The
Irish, The
Irish, The
Irish-Americans, The
Irish Blessing, An
Irish Hunger (series of essays)
Irish Moment, An
Irish in America, The
Irish Landscape, The
Irish Laws
Irish Traditions
Irish Trees and Shrubs
Irish World, The
Kennedy Tapes
Cadies, The
Shannon, William V
O'Connor, Frank, ed.
Somerville-Large, Peter
Baggott, Andy
Sheehan, Sean
Harris, Stephen
Blackwell, Amy
Trotignon, Elisabeth
Scott, Richard
Whittow, J.B.
Reynolds, James
Dunne, John
Harris, Nathaniel
Winn, Christopher
Uris, Jill and Leon
Donovan et. al.
Jenner, Michael
Costello, Peter
Connery, Donald
O'Faolain, Sean
O'Hanlon, Thomas
Greeley, Andrew
Reilly, April and Renee
Hayden, Tom, ed.
Sheehy, Terence
O'Keefe, Inc.
Brindley, James
Daley, Mary D
Ryan, Kathleen
Wyse-Jackson, Peter
DeBreffney, Brian, ed.
May, Ernest, ed.
                                              And more …….

Extensive travel information, including guidebooks, maps, brochures, travel videos, old maps, including ordnance maps from some counties.

Large collection of Ireland of the Welcomes magazines, and various other publications, including one on a current climate change project in Ireland.

Diverse collection of music CD's, DVD's, movies, documentaries, dance competitions, video instruction on playing the bodhran, Celtic lettering ...

Photos and newsletters from our Club over the years.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Genealogy
FHL Guide to Ireland Genealogy
Finding Your Roots
Handbook on Irish Genealogy
Irish Genealogy
Irish Roots Guide, The
New Genealogy Atlas of Ireland, A
Tracing Your Ancestors in Ireland
Tracing Your Irish Ancestors
Rose, Christine et. al.
FHL (Family History Library)
Eddy Westin, Jeane
Begley, Donal
Begley, Donal
McCarthy, Tony
Mitchell, Brian
Bord Failte
Grenham, John
Irish Troubles, The
Irish Unity
Irish Wake Amusements
Killing of Major Dennis Mahon
Land and People of Ireland, The
Military History of Ireland
Modern Ireland 1600-1972
Moore, G.E.
Most Distressful Country
National Monuments in the Republic
  of Ireland, Guide to the
No Other Law
Northern Ireland: Captive of History
Ourselves Alone
Out of Ireland
Paddy's Lament
Pocket History of Ireland
Pocket History of Irish Rebels
Rebels (The Irish Rising)
Rise of the Irish Trade Unions, The
Shelbourne Hotel, The
Shrines of Ireland
Story of the Iriish Race
Surplus People
Ten Men Dead (1981 Hunger Strike)
Too Long a Sacrifice
Treaty, The
Troubles, The
Twenty Years On
United Irishmen, The
War and an Irish Town
Wearing of the Green
West Cork and Its Story
Wherever Green is Worn
Your Irish Ancestors
Bell, J. Bowyer
Lynch, John
O'Suilleabhain, Sean
Duffy, Peter
O'Brien, Elinor
Bartlett, Thomas and Keith, Jeffery, ed.
Foster, R.F.
Levy, Paul
Kee, Robert
Harbison, Peter

O'Donoghue, Florence
MacEoin, Gary
Kee, Robert
Miller, Kerby and Wagner, Paul
Gallagher, Thomas
O'hEithir, Breandan
Llywelyn, Morgan
DeRosa, Peter
Boyd, Andrew
Bowen, Elizabeth
Dunne, John
MacManus, Seumas
Rees, Jim
Beresford, Jack
Holland, Jack
Merlin Films
Coogan, Tim Pat
Farrell, Michael, ed.
Curtin, Nancy
McCann, Eamonn
Wannan, Bill, ed.
O'Mahony, Meremiah
Coogan, Tim Pat
Black, J. Anderson
Quench the Lamp
Roger Casement
Rose and Crown
Scholars and Gypsies
Sean O'Casey
Sean O'Casey: The Man I Knew
Shannon Sailors
So Far from Home, The Diary of Mary Driscoll
Stones of Aran
St. Patrick of Ireland
Teacher Man
That Kelly Family
Times I've Seen, The
Tom Barry, IRA
Tone and His Times
To School Through the Fields
Triumph of Failure  (Patrick Pearse)
Twenty Years A-Growing
Western Island, The
When Summer's in the Meadow
White Goats and Black Bees
William Smith O'Brien and Revolutionary
  Companions in Exile
Wilmington's Waterfront
Wind That Round the Fastnet Sweeps, The
Taylor, Alice
MacColl, Rene
O'Casey, Sean
Starkie, Walter
Krause, David
Fallon, Gabriel
Wibberley, Leonard
Driscoll, Mary
Robinson, Tim
Freeman, Philip
McCourt, Frank
John McCallum
O'Connor, Ulick 
McCourt, Frank
Ryan, Meda
MacDermott, Frank
Taylor, Alice
Edwards. Ruth Dudley
O'Sullivan, Maurice
Flower, Robin
Williams, Niall and Breen, Christine
Grant, Donald
Touhill, Blanche

Thompson, Priscilla
Feehan, John
Lion of Ireland
Lord Mullion's Secret
Lord of the Dance
Lost Fields
Mammy, The
Memory and Other Stories
Modern Irish Short Stories
Mortal Friends
Munster Twilight, A
Music on the Wind (Short Stories,
   local author)
Nineteen Sixteen
Nineteen Twenty-One
Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Quinn's Book
Reading in the Dark
Return Journey, The
Rising of the Moon
Scarlet Feather
Scotswoman, The
Silver Wedding
Star Called Henry, A
Star of the Sea
State of Ireland
Stranger at Killknook
Strumpet City
Tales from Bective Bridge
Tara Road
Teapots Are Out, The
That Lady
Unholy Ground
Wild Geese
Wild Grow the Lilies
Without My Cloak
Year of the French
Young Wan, The
Llywelyn, Morgan
Innes, Michael
Greeley, Andrew
McLaverty, Michael
Smith, Betty
O'Carroll, Brendan
Lavin, Mary
Forkner, Ben, ed.
Carroll, James
Corkery, Daniel
Weir, Gardiner

Llywelyn, Morgan
Llywelyn, Morgan
Kiely, Benedict. ed.
Joyce, James
Binchy, Maeve
Kennedy, William
Deane, Seamus
Uris, Leon
Binchy, Maeve
Ellis, Peter Beresford
Binchy, Maeve
Fletcher, Inglis
Delaney, Frank
Binchy, Maeve
Doyle, Roddy
O'Connor, Joseph
Kiely, Benedict
Wibberley, Leonard
Plunkett, James
Lavin, Mary
Binchy, Maeve
Keane, John B.
O'Brien, Kate
Uris, Leon
Joyce, James
Brady, John
Martin, Malachi
Dillon, Eilis
Brown, Christy
O'Brien, Kate
Flanagan, Thomas
O'Carroll, Brendan
Last of the Celts
Lighthouses of Ireland
Living History
Magic and Mystery of Ireland
Portable Ireland
Proceedings of Celtic Studies
Quiz Book (Irish Independent)
Rakes and Ruffians
Remarkable Irish
Rising of the Moon, Collection of Irish Ballads
Sketches in Carbery
So You Think You're Irish
St. Colman's Cathedral, Guide to
Toast to Ireland, A
Towelsail Yawls
Truth About the Irish
Why Catholics Can't Sing
Wild Flower Key
Voyage - The First Galway Hooker to America 1986
Yeats Country, The
Tanner, Marcus
McCarthy, Kevin
Herzog, Chaim 
Doyle, Bill (photos) and Newland, Sonya (text)
Shaw, Anthony
MacLennan, Gordon, ed.
Troy, Catherine
Walsh, John E
Bence-Jones, Mark
Ellison, John
Donovan, Daniel
Kelleher, Margaret
Thompson, Patrick
Booth, John
Levis, Cormac
Eagleton, Terry
Day, Thomas
Rose, Francis
Kirby, Sheelah