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Would you like to see this website, Nancy Doyle Fine Art, continue to grow? Four drawing lessons, four painting lessons, and four design lessons are free, and there are also free pages of artist profiles, glossary of art terms, and essays on the creative process and art history. My hope is to continue adding artist profiles, essays about art-making, and more free pages to the site. Your membership will help make this possible.
Membership in the site is permanent, and involves a one-time charge for full or partial membership (see descriptions below). In becoming a member, you will help to create a site that inspires people around the world, especially those for whom art education is not readily available.

Partial and full members will also receive these benefits:

~  Access to all current and future fee-based online lessons: (See my teaching qualifications)

    Charcoal Lesson
    Figure Drawing
    Perspective for Artists
    Design Principles
    Painting: Possibilities
    Design Sources
    Color Mixing
These fee-based lessons, if ordered separately, would cost $130.00, so the one-time partial membership cost of $60.00 is a very good deal! (Those who have already ordered fee-based lessons will have this cost deducted from the cost of partial or full membership. $150.00 is the one-time cost of full membership.) Future lessons will be offered in Painting an Impressionist Landscape, Color Theory, Collage, Space in Painting, Design Analyses of Paintings, Types of Design, Intermediate and Advanced Drawing, Portraits, Tonal Values, and more.
~  Regular critiques of your 
    artwork, if desired, by Nancy 
    Doyle, a professional artist 
    (qualifications). Full and partial
    members receive this optional
    benefit. This involves pointing out
    strengths and specific suggestions
    for improvement, as well as giving 

Full members receive the
   opportunity to display their
   artwork on their own page of the
   website, as well as the possibility of
   selling their work. Full members in
   the U.S. and PayPal's 38 accepted
   countries will also have a commerce
   function on their pages. I will create
   your page using the images and text
   you send me. You can also receive 
   viewer feedback by e-mail, and 
   possibly sell your work. Visitor 
   tracking can also be done, indicating 
   the number of daily visitors, their 
   geographic origin, time spent on 
   your page, and their viewing 
   interests. My website currently 
   attracts from 500 to 1600 visitors 
   daily, and this number has been 
   steadily growing.
Our Members Art Gallery is now open. We have 13 full members, and six artists' images in the gallery so far, Tony Macelli,  Samuel MasseyTracy ShortWilliam KavanaghJoanna Gall and Rick Allman. Please visit Tony's, Samuel's, Tracy's, Joanna's, William's and Rick's webpages to view their wonderful images and sculpture!
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      ***If you have already ordered one or more of the above fee-based
          lessons, this amount will be deducted from the cost of site
          membership. Please e-mail me to set up your discounted cost.***

There are two levels of site membership: To receive a partial membership, which includes all fee-based lessons (currently seven), plus personal critiques of your artwork, is a one-time cost of $60.00. The cost of permanent full membership which includes web space to display your artwork, in addition to receiving personal critiques and all fee-based lessons (currently seven) is a one-time cost of $150.00. (Full membership also includes a commerce function with PayPal for those in the U.S. and the 38 countries accepted by PayPal. ) Payments are made through PayPal, a secure site.  (Those outside the United States, please see International Order information.) 

To become a member of Nancy Doyle Fine Art website, please click on the appropriate Add to Cart and View Cart buttons below. Please also fill in the information text boxes below, and click on the Submit button, to send me information about your art interests. (Customers outside of the U.S., please see International Order Information.)
Thank you so much for joining Nancy Doyle Fine Art! Your permanent partial or full membership will not only bring meaning to your study of art, it will help to bring the positive message of art to the Web, through continued art instruction and inspiration on the site. I will e-mail you shortly with the passwords for the fee-based lessons, and to give details on membership benefits. If you don't receive your passwords within 24 hours, please e-mail me with an alternate e-mail address, if possible. (Occasionally there is difficulty with an e-mail address receiving its mail.) I will also send the password to your confirmed PayPal address, by snail mail. If you have any questions, please e-mail me:
email me
Please fill in the information requested in the boxes below, and click on the Submit button, so that I can learn about your experience and interests in art. This will aid me in providing the best assistance and support to you as a member of the site. 
Please choose which term
best describes your experience level:

If other, please explain:
Please describe your artistic interests and goals: (For example, mediums you like to work in, favorite subjects (portraits, landscapes, etc.), style preferences (realism, impressionistic, abstract, etc.), training and experience you've had, areas you would like to learn more about, and any other information about yourself and your artwork.)

Those living outside the United States can become a member by sending an American Express gift or travelers check for $60.00 or $150.00, depending on whether they want to become partial or full members (see descriptions above), made out to Nancy Doyle. (Please also see Note below for information about commerce capability.) Please also include that you wish to sign up for website membership, as well as your name, e-mail address, level of art experience, and a description of your artistic interests and goals, or you can fill in the information text boxes above, and click on the Submit button, mentioning that you are an international customer. Please mail check and information to Nancy Doyle, 5 Ruth Rd., Apt. G-5, Wilmington, DE 19805 USA. As soon as I receive your check, I will e-mail you the passwords for the seven fee-based lessons on the website, and more details about membership benefits. Please e-mail me if you have any questions at

NOTE: There will be a commerce function (through PayPal) on your web page, if you live in one of the 38 countries approved by PayPal ( This means that there will be Buy/Add to Cart buttons that visitors can click on to purchase your work. If you live in a country not yet approved by PayPal, you will have to provide your own commerce capability or merchant account.
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Drawing I: Contour
Drawing II: Mass
Drawing III: Gesture
Mechanics of Drawing
Charcoal Lesson
Figure Drawing
Perspective for Artists
Painting I: Stretch Canvas
Painting II: Materials
Painting III: Still Life
Painting IV: Possibilities
Pastel Lesson
Design I: Meaning
Design II: History
Design III: Guidelines
Design IV: Elements
Design V: Principles
Design VI: Sources
Glossary of Art Terms
Modern Art Movements
What Is Art About?
Art Appreciation
Notes on Art-Making
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Artist Profiles:

Christo &
Getting Discouraged
~  Be part of a virtual art community of students, hobbyists and artists. My hope is to create
    an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and sharing of ideas and tips in art, as well as 
    practical info in marketing, exhibiting, etc., including a chatroom in the near future.
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  Painting V:  Color Mixing
For Partial Membership (Includes all seven fee-based lessons and personal critiques of your artwork - one-time charge of $60.00)
For Full Membership (Includes web space to display your artwork, all seven fee-based lessons and personal critiques of your artwork - one-time charge of $150.00)
The Correct Way
    to Make Art    
Self-Critique of My Work
Digital Photographs
Evolution of a Painting