Artist Samuel Massey creates a pastel portrait

First stage: Working from the photo sent by his customer, Samuel first sketched the head and shoulders of his subject lightly. He then began to lay
in the light and dark skin tones.
Stage two: Samuel continued to work on the facial shadows and highlights, and began work on the hair and shoulder areas.
Stage three: Samuel has blended the skin tones into a uniform area, and continued to define the hair. He works on all parts of the portrait at once.
Stage four: Until now, the portrait has been kept somewhat sketchy, but here there is dramatic definition of the hair, face and shoulder/chest area. Details have begun to appear, and facial highlights have been added. You can notice that Samuel has continued to revise the drawing throughout the process, for instance in the shape of the mouth.
Stage five: The hair has been darkened in certain areas, and the shape of the mouth has changed again. The eyes have been given more definition also. In addition to drawing the likeness, Samuel has also paid attention to the personality of the young woman - she appears to have a sparkle about her.
Stage six: In the final image, you can see how the artist has lightened the face and chest areas, which in contrast to the black areas of the portrait, create a sense of three dimensions. The light areas of the skin, against the middle tones of the skin, also create a sense of volume to the figure. The shape of the mouth has been revised yet again. You can see how the sum total of the lights and darks, as well as the feeling for her personality, create a totality of expression that is more than just a physical likeness.