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Unfolding and Homecoming - the cosmos and life, manifesting and returning to the Source - natural watercolor and digital image -  The structure on the left of the picture is derived from the "Pillars of Creation" (Eagle Nebula). This is a column of interstellar dust and gas, light years long, that is being illuminated, shaped, and destroyed by intense ultraviolet light from massive stars in a nearby young stellar cluster.
Koi Fish in Love, watercolor
Nature Light, digital image - Yes, there is a subtle light in nature... apart from the natural light, I mean.
Beware the Human
Kindly Steward of the Deep
Nectar of Heaven
Looking Within
Song of the Universe
The World Enlightened
Skaters - digital media
Shadows-Alight - digital media
Enlightened Hummingbird - digital media
Here are some of Tony Macelli's recent artworks, and please visit his other website,, to see more of his work.