Frog and Dewdrop - Can you bring your attention to a point? Maybe you are a princess or a prince inside, after all. In any one drop, the whole sun...
Nancy Doyle
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Nancy Doyle Fine Art
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Original Watercolors
Gardenia - This picture, one of a series, was not made by using any sketches, paintings, photographs, or other images of flowers at all. Yet do you notice a fairy garden atmosphere? The picture was made digitally, using combinations of abstract shapes, soft edges and many soft hues.
These whimsical images were created by Tony just for fun. 

Please click on each thumbnail to see a larger image, and also please visit Tony's other website,
Lagoon of Lord Lion - Someone is weaving a web to hold you, here. A fabric of fantasy.
Moondance - A picture of a parrot, dancing the heavens and the earth. Celebrating the moon, which is still...
 Tony Macelli
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Lord of the Castle
Young Clarinet, original watercolor sketch