Mixed media artist Joanna Gall starts with an original painting, and then brings it into her photo-editing software to further manipulate the image. After printing this out, she then re-works with pastel, charcoal, pencil and ink, to create these expressive giclee prints.


When it comes to painting, the process is my passion. Not a day goes by when I do not put paint to canvas or pastel to paper. I've been doing both for over 30 years and though I have had formal training from some renowned sources, including the Academy of Art in San Francisco, I consider myself to be primarily self taught.
Joanna Gall
Digital and
Fine Art
Image 1: This is a photo of one of my original oils on paper which I downloaded to my computer. Using my photo-enhancing software, I changed color, shapes and other details. Some parts of the image were distorted and moved, while I drew on top of others or deleted them altogether. This software offers many options, which can occupy me for hours.
Image 2: This is a photo of the finished product. After completion of the re-creation, I printed it off on fine art paper, then further enhanced and enriched with mixed media including pastels, ink, pencil and charcoal. When using this technique, there is no end to the possibilities!
Just as I see them in tree branches, clouds, and water drops in the shower, I always seem to see a "someone" in my work, even at its most abstract. Thus, the fun begins in the studio when my initial brush strokes begin to take on human form. I try to let the image evolve to a point of recognition before the challenges of color choice and composition take over. One of my favorite creative educational experiences involved drawing the figure in motion. The goal was to freely express on paper the rhythmic motions of a dancing model. Even in repose however, it seems all human beings have a tangible field of energy about them. And though today the images I create come mostly from my mind, it is this sense of energy I try to capture.
Recently, I discovered a new way to both enliven and intensify my work. What you see on this website is primarily a result of this procedure in which I take digital photos of my original artwork, rework the images via computer, then print them out on fine art paper. Finally, I go back in to enhance with pastels and other mediums to finalize the process. In this way, each image maintains its own freshness and originality.

In 1969, I received my degree in English Education from the University of Washington. My post college career began in the advertising business as a copywriter and sometime graphic artist. Shortly after moving to California I took my first figure drawing class and that's where the interest began. For years I have maintained a studio in Portola Valley. It is here that I both create and sell my work which can be found in various private collections, primarily on the West Coast.

I hope you enjoy these images from my Overtone Series, as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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   Fine Art
O.T. X, 13" x 19", $350.00
O.T. I, 13" x 19", $350.00
O.T. VII, 8" x 10", $225.00
O.T. VIII, 8" x 10", $225.00
O.T. II, 13" x 19", $350.00
O.T. V, 8" x 10", $225.00
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Each 13x19 inch piece includes a complementary 6-ply white mat cut to fit a standard 20x28 inch frame

Each 8x10 inch piece includes a complementary 6-ply mat cut to fit a standard 16x20 inch frame

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