Figure Drawing Lesson
Nancy Doyle
   Fine Art
The human figure has been an important subject for artists for over 2000 years - since primitive man carved stone fertility goddesses, and ancient Greeks first carved figures in marble. Their timeless, great sculptures set the standard for the representation of the figure for many centuries. In the 19th century, when artists such as the Impressionists began to depict the figure in a modern way (no longer idealized, and wearing the clothes of 19th century Europe), the figure remained an important subject of art. Modern art in the 20th century continued to question the centuries-old artistic traditions, and depicted the figure in ways that were sometimes hard to even recognize - but still the figure was depicted. Now, in the early 21st century, artists are still using the human form in their work, albeit in unexpected and sometimes provocative ways. The human form is us - and will probably always be represented in some way in art.
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This online Figure Drawing lesson covers the history of figure representation in art, materials used in figure drawing, three basic exercises for drawing the figure, proportions, anatomy, foreshortening, chiaroscuro (shading of lights and darks), and other topics. There are over 20 illustrations, and many links to artists' figurative images on the web; and a list of recommended artists' anatomy and drawing books. Various approaches to figure drawing, both past and present, traditional and contemporary, are described, as well as developing your own personal approach to the figure. (See my teaching qualifications) A printed version of this lesson is now available - see below for more information.
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